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New Podcasts

Oh–just a short note, here. Random House (US) has asked me to do a new series of 5 or 6 podcasts, to be broadcast next month for the release of the trade paperback edition of LORD JOHN AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE (HAND OF DEVILS will be out in trade paper in a couple of months, too).

I’ll be recording these on Monday, and do have a few ideas [g]–but if there’s something _you’d_ particularly like to hear me talk about in a podcast, let me know!

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  1. Not that you don’t get this one all the time, but… about how much longer until Echo? *ducks head*

  2. Ohhh, good question. Hmm. I’d like to hear a little more about how Rose Hall came about. I recently saw a thing about a Rose Hall on Jamaica being supposedly haunted by a ‘White Witch’. Gellis’ (sorry if spelling is off) character in general is interesting, and I’d like a little more information regarding how you arrived at using gems for time travel.

    Keep up the good work Diana. :D

  3. How about ‘onions’ and how they develop? (g)

  4. Dear Tara–

    Well, onions are interesting, no doubt about it. But there really isn’t any “how” to discuss–you just keep working with them, and they develop more layers. That’s all. [shrug]

  5. How about all those boxes at the manse, will we ever find out what is in those and are they at all related to Jemmy’s box?

  6. I seem to remember you mentioning somewhere that you were surprised that your children’s friends had read your books (at that time you judged them to be entirely too young) but that your own children had not read them. I’m rather curious to know whether any of your children (being most certainly old enough by now) have read them.

    I ask because the grown daughter of another author once told me she has not read her own mother’s books because she didn’t want to read any sex scenes her mother had constructed.

  7. Dear Madeleine–

    No, my kids haven’t read my books–and for that reason. [wry g]

  8. Not sure whether you have anything new that you can share about the upcoming Outlander books (graphic novel, Echo).

  9. I missed making a comment before Monday, but I always enjoy hearing of your mind’s eye development — how the characters speak to you, parts of the story unfolding to your surprise, and any examples relating to that.

    Also, in follow-up to your GfMt. trip, it was such a pure pleasure to visit with you again. Your grace and stamina always amaze me.

  10. Hi Diana,

    To be honest I don’t care what you talk about, it’s just great to listen to your voice, it’s like whisky running over gravel [g]
    and I mean that in a completely non-stalkerish way!)

    One thing I would be interested in hearing about is fandom. How do you cope with us rabid readers who appropriate your characters and become so emotionally involved with them? Are we parasites or symbiotic organisms?

  11. Dear Angela–

    Loved Grandfather Mountain! Worked like a dog [g], but had a great time–and so nice to have dinner with you guys at the end of the day (and thanks so much for the lovely memento of the day!).

  12. Dear Apteryx–

    Whisky running over gravel? I love it! Highly Poetic. [g]

    Fans are great. I love to meet and talk with people who are so involved with the books and interested in the characters. The only wee problem being that there’s only one of me….and a LOT of you. [g] Not that I’m complaining in any way, mind–just that there’s no physical way for me to be in all the places people invite me to, and still get any writing done.

    Beyond the interest in the books, I’m always just staggered–and so pleased–to see the great friendships that spring up between people who were drawn together just because of having read the books. I think that’s kind of unusual–and a great blessing. [smile]

  13. Dear All–

    I recorded six podcasts last Monday–and while I don’t at the moment remember what all of them were [g], I know the first one was sort of a run-down of _everything_ I’m working on–together with an estimate of just when it might be published, and a brief excerpt or two.

    Hmm…I also did one on battlefields–research and how you write about battles–with an excerpt in which Jamie is fighting his way inside Breymann’s Redoubt during the second battle of Saratoga.

    One about Highland Games, SF/F Cons, and going to prison [g], and another all about the graphic novel–including a excerpt from the script.

    Don’t remember the other two, but the technician recording me was laughing, so they were probably entertaining, at least. [g]

  14. Sounds great, Diana! So… when/where can we hear them?

  15. You’re most welcome and I’ll look forward to the upcomming podcasts. Hope to see you in Atlanta in ’09 as well.

  16. Hi Diana! I was just wondering when and where we can listen to these podcasts? Thanks for the help!

  17. Dear Brittany, Tuuli, et al–

    At some point, Random House will put the podcasts on iTunes (some point fairly soon, since they’re meant to help promote the release of LORD JOHN AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE and HAND OF DEVILS in paperback. BOTB comes out (I think) either this week or next, and HOD about six weeks later.

    Anyway, once the podcasts are “up,” Random House sends me an RSS link, which I’ll put on my website (which I’m hoping is up and running again by then).

  18. Diana–
    Looking at the new website, I’m not finding a link to the old podcasts. I hope they will show up on the new website somewhere?

    Colleen HP

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