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Rob’s New Book is Out!

New and Recommended!

For all of you who read and enjoyed my nice brother-in-law’s excellent first book (No Time to Hide), I’m thrilled to announce that his even better second book came out today!

Rob (Rob Palmer is his name) writes marvelous, twisty thrillers, with 3-D characters and breath-holding suspense. And very appropriately to this election season–

Eyes of the World is a story of lies and betrayal, the tragedies that bind us together, and the blinding trust of love. America has its first woman president, Lynnie Connor, whom Mike Stanbridge has known since childhood. Their friendship is common knowledge; their love affair is the most carefully guarded secret of their lives. It’s campaign season, and as Lynnie runs hard for reelection, Mike is framed for murder. His only way out is to dig into Lynnie’s past, learning something that seemingly turns her whole life into a lie. Pursued by the FBI and a squad of assassins, Mike runs for Lynnie’s political life—and his own survival.

Praise for Eyes of the World:

“Suspenseful and affecting. A top-notch thriller with a tender heart.”

Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author [cough] of the Outlander and Lord John series

“5 Stars! A perfect read for the election year! . . . Rob Palmer’s book [is] superlative. . . . I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time. I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Magnificent!

Huntress Reviews

“You’re gonna want to read this one! Hold on for an intricately plotted, wickedly smart trip through presidential politics. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you’ll realize the games have just begun. An excellent book.”

Fresh Fiction

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this terrific book as much as I did—though should you need any extra inducement [g], my sister, Theresa Gabaldon, is offering the famous family enchilada recipe to anyone who buys the book before the 4th of July.

Here’s the link to the book’s page on amazon.com:




And here’s my sister’s email address, if you’d like the enchilada recipe:


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  1. Oh, sounds fabulous. I’m halfway through my current reading material and am ready to line up the next book. Perfect timing.

    Enchiladas too? Awesome. I’m off to order the book and get a new (to me) recipe in the deal. Thank you!

  2. Diana,
    Wow!! It sounds interesting!! I will have to check it out! It is very timely, considering the upcoming elections! I will add it to the “to be read stack”.
    I am reading some now, mostly references for my book. Ah… I am also getting ready to read a nice stack of student’s assignments and grade them, they are currently sitting next to me on my work desk.

    Oh, I am on page 97 of my book (regular Word format; 12 pt font). It has been fun, so far!

    Hey, I found an interesting typo in a Virginia Gazette. It was a wrong date for an event. A 2 day “skirmish” in Hampton, VA was reported on Oct. 16th, 1775 in the paper, but the actual event happened Oct. 24 & 25. It immediately reminded me of the fire on the ridge and the wrong date in the paper!!! : )


  3. Diana:

    I’ll check Rob’s book out after my current small pile is finished: rereading NORTH AND SOUTH by Elizabeth Gaskell, going to reread A ROOM WITH A VIEW by EMForster (was the last time really in high school?), and will read, for the first time, MISTRESS OF THE ART OF DEATH by Ariana Franklin. I’ve never read her stuff, so I hope it’s good.

    And yes, I’ll email your sis for her enchilada recipe. I’m a rather good cook but two things I’ve never mastered are enchiladas and chile rellenos — just can’t get it right!


  4. Excellent! I’ve been looking for a birthday suggestion, and this’ll be at the top of the list. It sounds fabulous. The enchilada recipe is enticing too, I must admit.

  5. Merrymags

    I read “Mistress of the Art of Death” a couple of months ago … it was okay … the character development was not what I’d hoped (of course, I’m spoiled by Ms. Gabaldon)but it was not one of those books where I read the first five pages and toss it across the room, never to be finished (I’m coming across a lot of those lately). Enjoy.

    PS: Diana, when is the butt cootie disquisition coming? Anxiously awaiting!

  6. Diana,
    The book sounds intriguing… it’s on my to-do list.
    How delightful was my drive home last night when I heard, in dramatic tones, on the radio words to the effect “American Revolution…Jamie and Clair Fraser…” ending with “Breath of Snow and Ashes — best seller when first released — now available in paperback!”
    That’s the first time I’ve heard any promotions for the books.


  7. karens~

    Thank you for sharing your opinion about “MISTRESS.” I’ll keep it in mind; I, too, have the same difficulty in reading most other current authors since discovering Diana.

    I have, actually, a rather large TBR pile awaiting me — all of the Lord John books, two by Anya Seton, a reread of POSSESSION and ANGELS AND INSECTS by A.S. Byatt, and I just cracked open MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON by Lauren Groff. I know there are a few more but it would mean getting up off my butt to go look at the titles…. : p

    Should you have any recommendations for reading material, please share. I’m always in the market for more!


  8. Midge:

    I agree it’s difficult to read anyone (and thoroughly, totally, all-consumingly enjoy) after Diana, but here are my top two of the moment! Barbara Kingsolver (my other favorite author, also an AZ native) is amazing; THE POISONWOOD BIBLE and ANIMAL DREAMS are wonderful reads. Sue Monk Kidd’s THE DANCE OF THE DISSIDENT DAUGHTER is one I am currently reading and responding to very much (I have three daughters, but I would imagine it would speak to me anyway). Hope that helps.

    Diana, speaking of exciting new things, WHEN WILL A GRAPHIC PICTURE OF JAMIE be available for our viewing pleasure? I promise not to utter one word of complaint about how curly his hair is!! Can’t wait! (Graphic as in for the novella, not as in naked, not that anyone posting here would mind) ;)

  9. Midge

    One author I particularly like is Julia Spencer-Fleming; her stories are set in a small town in the Adirondacks and feature the police chief (a Vietnam vet) and a female Episcopal priest who also happens to be an ex-Army helicopter pilot who served in Operation Desert Storm (now there’s a resume!) If you want to know what it feels like to be chased by a homicidal maniac through an Adirondack pine forest in a snowstorm, her first book “In The Bleak Midwinter” is just the ticket. I’m waiting for the sixth one, I believe, to come out. I also like Elizabeth George (talk about great character development) and anything by MC Beaton (can’t beat Hamish Macbeth!)Some of these characters I’ve been following for 20 years or more. Oh, and Deborah Crombie, too. See, it’s the characters that I love – if the characters don’t grab me – there goes the book, tossed across the room! It annoys me that it took me so long to find Jamie and Claire (only found them last year); of course, I had seen the books come out, but the tag line “…and his time-traveling wife Claire” on all of them put me off. See what happens when you judge a book by the copy on its cover? (g)

  10. Something off topic.
    Does somebody of you live in or near Bournemouth in England?
    I will be there in June/July.

  11. Thanks Diana!

    I went to Chapters last night in Halifax and Rob’s book hadn’t made out to the shelf yet… I got the very first copy!

    Looks interesting! We Canadians always marvel (for lack of a better word)at the election campaigns run south of the border.

    As for the enchilada recipe … did you post your sister’s name? I think it would be terrible to start an email …. dear Diana’s Sister (especially if she is older!!! I have an older sister – would not go down well!!!)

    Take Care,

  12. This sounds great! I read the description and pre-ordered it from Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation! What a talented bunch you and your family are.

  13. Jewell,
    She did put it in there… it is Theresa.
    Best wishes!

  14. Thanks Vicki!

    I thought I read it was Theresa somewhere but missed the last paragraph for some CRAZY reason. I see it now ….


  15. Jewell,
    I thought I saw it there too… I had to go back and re-read it myself! ; )


  16. please post more sneak previews of the graphic novel!!!

  17. I just read the latest excerpt from “An Echo in the Bone.” Loved it and cannot wait for the rest of it. Thank you for continuing to share with us. Keep writing.

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