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Fan Event in New York – Behind The Scenes Video

Ron-Diana-ComicCon2013Thought you all might enjoy a glimpse of what’s going on with the new cable-tv show (at least those of you in the US; this video was produced and posted by Starz, who are the US distributors of the show, and I’m afraid the video isn’t viewable by other countries–yet. I’m hoping they’ll figure out how to do that shortly, but it’s not in my hands, sorry).

This video is a Fan Event put on by Starz while I was in New York last weekend at Comic Con, promoting the new show with Ron D. Moore, the executive producer and show-runner. You’ll get at least a glimpse of the sets and characters and preparation going into the show–followed by 45 minutes of detailed Q&A with me and Ron. (At the upper right is a captured image of Ron and me from the video.)

And a little later this week, I’ll be posting a round-up of the actors who have been announced so far, along with such photos and information as I have. _That_ will be available to everybody! Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks Susan H.E!

  2. I am a big fan since the beginning of the books and grew older with the books. I always feared that the books sooner or later would turn into movies or tv series – and they did. I am sure they will do a great job, but it`s just disappointingly so that this TV-Jamie Character does not look at all like the Jamie I have imagined all the years. For me Jamie is not only very good looking with very long red hair, but he is also very intelligent and sophisticated. And even if I am killed on the spot here: this tv series Jamies facial features look neither delicate nor intelligent to me. He is trying so hard to be THE Jamie, that somewhere in this process he lost authenticity. Either he will have to really work on his facial expressions to appear more sophisticated and literate or I will have to work on my tolerance:)) I fear, it will be me:))
    Maybe I will just wait for the next book to come out and skip the tv adaptions:) This way I won`t be disappointed. Sorry….

    • Dear Dana–

      Or…just maybe…you could hold your horses, not leap to conclusions on the basis of a single photograph and wait to _see_ what Sam Heughan does with Jamie? Just a suggestion.


  3. I know I am not alone when I say that the saga of Jamie and Claire has become my alternate reality. I am anxiously awaiting WIMHOB and the Starz Outlander series. Jamie Fraser is the ultimate ‘He’ man hero so I’m hoping slender Sam H. can convey Jamie’s physical power and magnetism. Actually,if you think about it, Tom Tebow would make a great Jamie. Imagine this quarterback in a kilt!! Thanks for listening!

  4. I am so excited to see Jamie in the flesh (well, a picture) and in a kilt. I am so excited about this series I can’t stand it.

  5. I can’t wait to see the series ! Is it too late to possibly make Sam’s hair more RED ?
    The descriptions in the book are so lovely, mentioning all the various hues of Jamie’s hair.. but in the FB photo it looks a bit brown.

  6. Devastated I can’t view this in the UK, and I suspect will not be able to watch the TV series either :( not sure how it works in the states with TV companies, but I rather wish the BBC had decided to take this book on so I could watch your brilliant characters come to life. *sob*

  7. Diana,

    Please, oh please, OH PLEASE tell me that you’re already hard at work on the next book? No…not MOBY…the NEXT one? I had never been much of a reader until I was introduced to The Outlander. Now I’m an addict. I can’t read anything BUT DG books now. Nothing even comes close… My family calls it ‘my obsession’ because I can’t stop reading and listening to the series…over, and over, and over again. I already dread finishing MOBY, and it’s still months away from being released.

    All kidding aside – although I wasn’t kidding at all – I am in awe of your talent, and so very grateful that it was shared with me by a bookseller friend in Acton, MA who met you years ago. You have such an amazing gift! I look forward to sharing the experience w/my husband when the STARZ series begins.

    Thank you so much!

    BTW… Do you know when Audible will be releasing an audio version of MOBY, and if Davina Porter will be narrating it?

    • Dear Sarah–

      How can I possibly be at work on Book Nine when I haven’t finished writing MOBY yet?

      Yes, so far as I know (i.e., if she isn’t hit by a truck or come down with pneumonia or something, God forbid), Davina will be narrating the audiobook–and it _should_ come out either with or very close to the hardcover release (there’s sometimes a slight lag, if the manuscript is delivered very shortly before the pub date, because the Recorded Books people have to wait until they have a complete book before they can schedule the recording sessions).

      Hope you’ll enjoy it!


  8. I’ve been casting these books from the beging and have read them all “again” in anticipation of the next books arrival. I’m thrilled that it’s coming to life on any screan. So, not if but when Rodger needs casting, might you consider Richard Armitage. Some Green contacts and “tag” he’s it. As for Ian, Harry Lloyd might be to handsom but ruff him up a bit, add the tatoos and “whala” Ian. I add my two cents now I’ll leave the rest to the professionals.

  9. Thank you for posting this, I really enjoyed watching you and Ron discuss everything! LOVE all of your books and I am also a Battlestar Galactica fan :), I have lots of faith that Ron will do a wonderful job!

  10. Being a HUGE fan of the Outlander Series I look forward to each & every major instalment, but tend not to look at your website until I think a new edition should be falling due, so you can perhaps imagine my surprise and delight at a new book to be released in June & a miniseries being created!!!
    HOWEVER, being on holidays I had time to browse your website & discover that there are novellas which are not about Lord John (I am not his greatest fan). Yeah, new material & I am on holidays so have time to read – BUT alas, these are not available in Australia!
    How can an electronic version of a book not be available in Australia!! My e reader, computer & android work the same as the rest of the worlds!
    Heart broken & now I have to return to work .. things are looking most unhappy in my little corner of paradise where I remain ebookless :-(

    • Dear Tess–

      Well…if you browsed a little further [g], you would see that the ebooks you mention are not (yet) available in Australia/NewZealand/UK because I don’t yet have the international electronic reprint rights back. HOWEVER…all those ebooks are indeed _available_ in your neck of the woods, as a print collection, titled A TRAIL OF FIRE. Hie thee to your nearest bookstore and cease thy mourning. [g] Happy New Year!


  11. Happy, Happy , Happy New Year!!

    You have made my day :-) Two new Gabaldon books in the same year!!! Now if you could just do something about work interfering with my reading time – all of 2014 would be golden!

    Thank you so much for the stories that you create – they continue to bring another world and time alive. I reread the entire series before each new release, and when coming to the end of the latest release, always feel a great sense of loss, as if I have lost touched with my extended family.

    Thank you for your efforts, they are hugely appreciated.


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