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Deal with Sony Pictures for Adaptation of OUTLANDER for Cable TV Series



and here

and here

etc., etc., etc., as the King of Siam might put it. [g]

Really, if you Google “Ron D. Moore OUTLANDER”, you’ll find a _lot_ of announcements like these. most of them reasonably accurate.

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  1. GOODGRAVY, it’s about time!!! I’ve been thinking that if HBO and the like can do Trueblood and The Tudors etc. then they damn-well missed the boat on this series (wanted to send them scripts myself for YEARS and BEG them to do it, but then I remembered that I’m not a writer :)
    Congratulations to Diana, and HOORAY!!! So excited it may be considered naughty.

  2. I always emailed this blog post page to all my associates, for the
    reason that if like to read it then my friends will too.

  3. Chris Fountain aka Tommy Duckworth on Coronation Street could definately pass for Jamie….altho he may not be tall enough.Laura Prepon is a good choice for Brianna. And how about Charlize Theron for Claire. I just saw her in Snow White and the Huntsman, she is fantastic!! I love the outlander series,and am now re reading all seven in preparation for number 8. Every time I reread them I get something more out of them. Cannot wait to see all the characters brought to life.

  4. Ms. Gabaldon,
    (I don’t feel I know you well enough to call you by your first name!

    I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your books so much. I recommend them to anyone who is interested “escape fiction” (my term for it). The books take me to a place I wish I could be, especially Scotland. (I spent 2 yrs there in my teens.) I am so glad that a mini-series is in development, and am so looking forward to it and MOHB. I plan on making my husband watch too, so he can see why I have been so engrossed for the last 10 yrs! Thank you for your gift of storytelling!

  5. I am over the moon about this news!! Please not a movie, the books have so much rich detail that would be more suitable to a series I think. And I’ll be biting my nails on casting issues… A friend of mine said the following when we were discussing this “We really need someone who looks like he can cut a guy in half not just with a sword but with a stare!” So true… Accents are very important as well. Gosh, I literally ‘lived’ in those books over and over so many times, I’m crossing everything for right type of casting for our beloved characters.

    When I was thinking who Jamie would be only two names popped into my head so far: Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa – as long as they can pull off the accents. Both have the build and the brutish intensity but also seen both do some amazingly tender scenes in other things they’ve been in. Mmm.. no idea who I would cast for everyone else yet… still thinking :)

    I cannot wait!! :)

  6. I’m very happy to hear that the Outlander Series is finally being adapted to the big screen, and a Cable Series is fine, it’s really too long a story to fit in a movie! I hope the director sticks to the books and doesn’t put his own spin on it like Peter jackson did with Lord of the Rings. I still haven’t seen an actor that is Rugged and Tall enough to play Jamie Fraser, but I think Emily Blunt would make a wonderful Claire! I kind of picture Jamie as a younger and more serious Craig Ferguson…

  7. Bugger. I don’t own a TV. I’ll have to get a TV and Cable now.

  8. Kate Beckinsale would be good for Claire.
    Have all the books from the first, my Mon got me the first two have read all of them three time and also re-read all when the next one comes out.
    Meet Diana at a book signing in Corta Madera Ca. and had her sign both my outlander hard copy plus the new The Fiery Cross. Also found out her husband and I have similar interests.

  9. Yipppeee! I’ll have to save my pennies incase I need to start paying for HBO!
    I can’t wait to see who gets cast. The only one I will have a hard time with is Captain Randall…the ONLY person I can see as him is Jason Isaacs. I agree with the suggestion of Laura Prepon as Bri. She is closest to what I picture her looking like. And for Jamie, who I picture would look something like Max Martini…not sure if he could pull off the accent though.

  10. Dearest Diana, just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for entertaining me for so many years. I await this HBO series with baited breath. You are a remarkably talented writer and hope you have the strength to continue for many years to come. I feel a little out of touch, since I don’t know any of the actors people have suggested for major roles. I will have to trust the powers that be and know that I will enjoy the stories again. Fondly,

  11. This is very exciting news. I just recently bought all new editions of the books because my old set was getting a bit tattered, so when I reread them in anticipation they’ll be fresh and unspoiled. It’s a coincidence but another favorite series, I recently found out, is also hopefully to be made into a TV series. The series is the 1632 books by Eric Flint. His attitude is that while he’s hoping for a good adaptation, it’d just be the icing on the cake for the added attention that is bought to the books themselves. Adaptation is a real crap shoot. The excitement of two of my favorite series perhaps making it to TV is exhilarating. I don’t do mental casting. I never’ll see anyone actually make it and I’m hoping for the pleasant and unexpected surprise to outperform my imagination.

  12. Diana
    A friends daughter recently recommended Cross stitch to me and my goodness talk about a book you just can’t put down. I love finding new authors and was very happy to know I had 7 more fabulous books to look forward to. I have a couple of your books reserved from my local library and have also bought a few on Amazon. I think Kevin Mckidd would make a great Jamie and agree that Jason Issacs would be very well cast as Captain Randall. Will have to read all the books before I watch the series but very excited to see how it will be adapted.

  13. I just looked at a photo of Jamie Bamber and my heart stopped… sigh. That would work for me. I don’t much care WHO he is in the series.

    Yay! YAY YAY YAY!

    So terribly sorry for the outburst. My dancing naked in the street skills have far been left behind with age and a bad knee.

    I am going to go and procure the oldest, peat soakiest, smokey bottle of Scotch I can find and wait for this all to unfurl.


  14. This is the best “Chemo Graduation” present I could have ever received!!!! One more reason to be happy to be alive!! Thank you for your stories DG! How they enrich our lives!

  15. Well, if Tom Cruise can play Lestat and Jack Reacher, he can play Jamie.

    Ok, that was a joke. Put down the pitchforks. ;-P

  16. My all time favorite book series. I am so excited for this and tv vs a movie much better idea.

  17. Murtaugh: Anson Mount.
    No one presently on earth is good enough to play ‘our’ Jamie. BUT, if we had to settle for a mere mortal, James Marsden would be a good place to start, I think. So cute, though a little puny to play Jamie. I don’t know…what we need is a young hybrid of “Rob Roy” Liam Neeson/”Braveheart” Mel Gibson/”Phantom of the Opera” Gerard Butler. Do they make those anywhere???
    I think Reese Witherspoon could probably pulloff Claire. She was amazing as June Carter Cash.
    No one OTHER than Jason Isaacs can play Black Jack Randall.
    Wouldn’t Guy Pierce make a good Frank-although he doesn’t really resemble Jason Isaacs….
    And finally—Missy Franklin for Brienne!!!
    Most importantly though, who we really, really need is Nina Gold(?) who did the casting for Game of Thrones. She nailed each and every one of GRRM’s characters. As such, unknowns would be cool.

  18. Who ever is Jamie HAS to be BIG 6’3″ or 6’4″ 200 lbs hair can be dyed natural accent preferred.
    Ms Kingston or possably Joely Richardson for clair with contacts.
    Bri also statuesque red headed American.
    Roger BIG? Greeen eyes?
    Jason Issacs perfect for Frank and Black Jack.
    Ducan another Big guy, Murtagh small wiry
    Janet??, and Ian??

    OK just my three cents worth

  19. Dear rr–

    I don’t write romance novels, but I agree that many good romance novels would probably make good movies, too.



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