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OK, I talked to my agent (who talked to Recorded Books–who made and owns the Unabridged audiobook). The license for the ABRIDGED recording has now expired, which means that Recorded Books _can_ go ahead and sell the recording through Audible.com and other retail outlets. However, they couldn’t do a contract with Audible.com for this _until_ the other license expired–which it did, yesterday. So they’ll do the contract as quickly as they can, and as soon as that’s done, THE FIERY CROSS will be on Audible “within a matter of hours,” they said.

SO–you’ll get it pretty darn quick, I hope–but that’s all I know about it.

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  1. Hi, Diana,

    Just needed to let you know how much pleasure you have given so many readers. When Publishers Weekly reviewed Outlander, I was hooked. My daughter and I owned a small bookstore in our small East Texas town, and we lost count of the copies we sold. I will wait as long as I have to for the next in the series, but I have to tell you I am 74 years old….just sayin’.


  2. I am so glad to hear about the release buying mine tonight on Audible!!!!

  3. Any news when we can buy Fiery Cross audio book in the UK? The next one available is book 7 which means skipping 3 books ;-(

    • Dear Lisa–

      I’m sorry; I really don’t have any information on foreign audiobook sales. It works like this: we (my agent and I) have a contract with Recorded Books, Inc., who produces the unabridged audiobooks. Recorded Books then makes licensing deals with bookstores or online vendors like Amazon (for CD sales) and with other outlets, like Audible.com or iTunes or whoever. But they don’t need to have approval for any of those arrangements, and therefore I don’t know about them, unless it’s something like the situation with THE FIERY CROSS, where everyone asked it about it for so long. Still less do I know anything about Recorded Books’s arrangements with foreign distributors (though I do know that Australian publishing laws–which are Very Odd–often make licenses and distribution particularly difficult there). You’d need to ask the Australian Audible people, or perhaps the Recorded Book people, though, I’m afraid.

      Hope you get it soon!


  4. Like so many other UK readers, I’m frustrated that we can’t get the audiobooks ‘The Fiery Cross’ and ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes’ here. I’ve emailed Audible.co.uk a couple of times, and for the benefit of other UK readers, here is their response – so let’s keep emailing and pushing Audible UK as it’s up to them to sort it out, rather than asking Diana!

    This is what they finally said to me:

    “We have been trying to obtain the rights to these two books in particular for some time. I can only apologise for us not currently having the full series available, I realise this is an inconvenience.

    Our Content team are still hoping to secure the rights to the missing books, although I cannot guarantee this so please keep an eye on the New Releases section of the site from time to time to see if they have been made available.


    Audible Customer Care

  5. I live in Australia and I can’t buy The Fiery Cross or The Scottish Prisoner from Audible.
    I am told the licence doesn’t cover Australia.
    Heaps of sad fans here Diana :-(
    Can you do anything?

    Love your books.

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