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A Literary Three-Way

By popular demand….

Ummm….OK. This one really _was_ Chris Humphreys’s fault. A couple of weeks ago, a number of game (and fairly uninhibited) people kindly took part in the Late-Night Sex-Scene readings at the Historical Novel Society conference in San Diego. Owing to circumstances I claim not to remember {cough}, I’ve been Mistress of Ceremonies for this now-traditional feature of the conference _twice_.

This time around, I had a lively lineup of volunteers, including Laurel Corona’s sweetly naïve French teenagers reading pornography, Deni Dietz’s drunken-sex-on-horseback, and Maggie Anton’s hot Talmudic sex scenes (as I remarked afterward, I had no idea what I was missing, being born Catholic…).

Anyway. At some point in the proceedings, Chris writes me to say that he and Gillian Bagwell would like to team-read a scene from her book, THE DARLING STRUMPET, which he describes as “the best blow-job in literature.” This being a scene in which the Earl of Rochester instructs Nell Gwyn in the, er, art of…um, well. Yes.

“Great,” I said. “You can be the—you should excuse the expression—climax of the evening.”

So we’re all set with our stellar lineup of readers—when I’m informed that Gillian and Chris have decided that the scene would work best with an outside narrator to carry the description, while _they_ do the dialogue, and would I kindly oblige? Gillian had kindly written up the script already, so I blinked and said, “OK. Why not?”

So that’s where this came from. I don’t vouch for the quality, either of the video or the performance (though Chris and Gillian both seemed to be doing very well, from my unusual vantage point)—but fwiw, here it is!

C.C. Humphrey, Diana Gabaldon, and Gillian Bagwell read from THE DARLING STRUMPET, by Gillian Bagwell.

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  1. O my….
    I clicked over here looking for something to distract me…Did this ever do the trick! How evocative… must go find this book now! Need… more… methadone…
    Although, speaking of distraction, I like this gentleman much better than Mr. Halle Berry…



  2. I am intrigued….have ordered the book on my Nook and will take a peak at it!

  3. Diana, did you know Byte magazine (online version) is being launched this week? Includes blogs from orinal commentator Jerry Pernell.

  4. Its 8pm….The kids are running amuck, dinner dishes left on the counter… and I have my nose burried in the final pages of “Echo in the Bone”.. I have been intching to read the last few pages.. Three months ago i picked up my wheatherd copy of CrossStitch and sat down to re read them ALL again, travelling with the Frasers through each book, as easger to get to the one as i was one i first picked them up.
    Once again I lost myself in pages and lives of Jamie and Clair. Thank you for everything you have put into your books, the end result being a world that comes alive and characters that are so real.
    I luckly found and married my own Jamie… my children… “Malcolm Alexander….Madelyn Mackenzie and Mason… ( and our fish ” Fraser the 10th” )..lol all know my love for a good story and tollerate the lack of housekeeping while your books ar in my hand.
    I wait patiantly for number 8 ( slightly twitching with anticipation)

  5. Sorry, but my comment is not about the current blog. First, Diana, you ROCK. Nough said.
    I could not find a way to contact you via this website or I would have asked in another realm. My question is about finding Literary Agents. What advice you might have for wanna beeees. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  6. Diana,

    That was great!


  7. Hello Diana,

    I am a friend of Gillian Bagwell. You were kind enough to sign a book for her to me. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you” and to vent here that I too am eagerly awaiting the next Jamie/Claire book. I have re-read the entire series too many times and don’t get nearly enough done around the house when reading your books. Ha.
    On another note; I thank you too for endorsing Gillians’ book. It IS a great read and you all did a marvelous job with the reading!

    Michelle Mania

  8. I loved that scene. Taking notes…it is a very good book, The author caught the spirit of the times very well. I think I would have liked Nell.

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