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I’ll be appearing at the Decatur Book Festival and Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend—pretty much simultaneously! Events and times are listed below (please note that I won’t be doing the events scheduled for Monday!).

Now, normally, I don’t Twitter [g]–no time!–but it strikes me that this weekend might just be the kind of situation where that might be helpful. So—just in case y’all want to follow me temporarily, my Twitter ID is “Writer_DG.”


All my events in Decatur will be on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 4):

1:00 PM – “Meet and Greet” in the AJC tent. This is a brief opportunity to chat with readers. It’s not a book-signing.

3:00 PM – main talk/reading – Presbyterian Church. I’ll talk about anything y’all would like to hear about , but will certainly include the new graphic novel (THE EXILE), OUTLANDER: The Musical, and maybe even read a cliffhanger pickup or two from Book Eight!

(The talk will be followed by a book-signing—usually held across the street. !!!I will have a limited number of Outlander: The Musical” CD’s!!! available at this signing. (limited by the number I can carry…))

5:00 PM – Panel. “Break in Case of Emergency: This Book Could Save Your Life!” on The Escape teen stage. (Advice from adult authors on books to read.)


***An Hour with Diana Gabaldon
D. Gabaldon; Mon 10:00 am; Intl. C

Outlander in Graphic Terms
Diana and Betsy discuss how the graphic
version came to be and the transition
from prose to graphic novel. D. Gabaldon,
B. Mitchell; Fri 5:30 pm; Fairlie [H]
(We’ll be showing off some of the art–and will have an Actual Book to show, too!)

Sexy Science Fiction
What makes a book sexy? Naked women
and actual sex scenes? Or are there other
literary pheromones at work? J. Ward,
G. Martin, D. Gabaldon, D. Whiteside, G
Mitchell (M); Fri 10:00 pm; Fairlie [H]

Trends in Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
This panel will discuss the very fluid
paranormal/urban fantasy fiction market.
C. Burke, C. L. Wilson, J. St. Giles, D.
Gabaldon, L. Gresh, D. Knight; Fri 11:30
am; Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Pros Discuss Plot Development
These pros discuss methods of developing
unpredictable, but believable plots. C.
Burke, J. Moore, J. Sherman, J. Maberry,
D. Gabaldon, L. Gresh; Sat 8:30 pm;
Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Ingredients for great fiction
A little sugar, a little spice? A surprising
plot, a great cast of characters, intriguing
settings blend into great fiction. N.
Knight, G. Watkins, J. Wurts, A. Sowards,
M. Resnick, C. Eddy, S. M. Stirling,
D. Gabaldon; Sun 5:30 pm; Manila/
Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

Got a question? This is a question and
answer panel that will address questions
from the audience. S. Chastain, D.
Dixon, J. Moore, C. Douglas, J. St. Giles,
D. Gabaldon; Mon 1:00 pm; Manila/
Singapore/Hong Kong [H]

***The Future of Fantastic Fiction
This panel explores markets with wellestablished
authors making suggestions
for audience members. G. Hayes, A.
Martin, E. Moon, J. St. Giles, D. Gabaldon;
Mon 4:00 pm; Manila/Singapore/Hong
Kong [H]

*** I’m sorry to miss these events—especially the “Hour with Diana”!—but the unfortunate fact is that the DragonCon programming committee didn’t bother to send me this schedule. I got it from a fan who’d picked it up from the website three days ago—by which time I (rather naturally) had already booked my flights, leaving Monday morning. Will hope to catch up with y’all at one of the other events over the weekend, though!

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  1. What kind of idiots are these DragonCon schedulers, to sign you up for 3 separate events on Monday without even bothering to ask if you'd be there?? That's just insane!

    I can't imagine where you're getting the time for Twitter on top of everything else you've got going on <g>. But thanks for letting us know.


  2. Dear Karen–

    Believe me, I'm not up for a lot of conversation on Twitter! [g] But at least I can tweet locations, delays, reschedulings, etc., if necessary.


  3. I'm SO sad I'll be missing you. We'll be vacationing for the holiday weekend up in the GA mountains for some cooler air. Can't wait til you make your way back to the Atlanta area again! Have a great time here!

    Amy in Atlanta

  4. They don't tell you what they want you to talk about before you get to the conference!? It's a good thing you're so flexible. :-)

  5. Just now trying to figure out how to get to the National Book Festival in DC to see you! Have a great weekend in GA and keep cool!


  6. I have the Outlander the Musical CD…never event thought about getting it signed! (Sometimes my brain does not work the way it should!) I guess I'll need to put that in my suitcase for SiWC too! Good thing it is small! I'm anticipating that Exile will be a sizable tomb!

    You are so good to twitter changes, what an excellent idea (speaking as a twitterless technophobe)!


  7. Hoping to see you in Denver on the 21 or is it the 22nd…at the Tattered Cover!

  8. Looking forward to seeing you again Saturday at the book fair, Diana. Safe travel.

  9. So sorry to miss you in Atlanta this weekend. Enjoy the city and the nice cool(er)weather that is suppose to get here tomorrow. :D

  10. Do you record any of these to play later online or publish transcripts or your notes, etc? I'd love to hear what you had to say in the writing sessions – you have such great advice.

  11. Dear adventures–

    Nah. These are–for the most part–panels, where I'm appearing with from three to eight (!) other people. Some are great, some ramble and digress. But it's not a focused presentation, nor is it all _my_ advice (not to say that other people don't have good advice [g], but it often isn't the same as mine).

    Sometimes when I do solo appearances, the organizers will ask if they can record me (RWA chapters and other writing organizations usually do this) for the later benefit of their members, but they don't normally share these recordings with me(I imagine they _would_; it's just never occurred to me to ask).


  12. Diana,

    It was so great to finally meet you in Decatur. You are just as beautiful in person as you are in your pictures. Excepting the knee pictures, of course :)

    Thanks for being so gracious with your fans.

    Dara (Lady Grey)

  13. Diana – Thanks so much for coming to DragonCon!! I went to the Outlander in Graphic Terms session and was beyond thrilled to meet you in person, see panels from Exile, and hear the excerpt from Book 8. My husband was not so excited but he quietly sat in the back of the room, listening to all of us comparing notes and stories about the books prior to your arrival.[g] I know the appearances take time away from your writing, but we do appreciate it. GinaD – St. Charles

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