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The GREEN SLIME thanks you!!

You know, what with knee surgery, new stories, travel, new website developments, etc., etc., etc.—I really hadn’t paid all that much attention to the new Green Slime edition of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, other than to briefly admire the cover. [g]

I find that y’all have been busy, though! I opened my email this morning to hear that the new Green Slime edition has hit the New York Times list—I _think_ that’s the first time one of my trade paperback editions has done that! It’s also #4 on BookScan’s bestseller list, mentioned in USAToday (today), and has stunned the publisher (in a happy way [g]) by selling lots more copies in its first week than the trade paper edition of A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES did—and they thought _that_ was good!

So anyway—MANY thanks to all of you who’ve been buying and (I hope) enjoying the Green Slime version of ECHO. And the publisher bids me tell you that in response to all this great news, they’ve done a deal with Borders and Walden’s bookstores, whereby if you buy one of the Green ECHO’s, you can get another for half off. In case any of you belong to book clubs. [g]

Oh—and do remember that the Green Slime edition has the eight-page excerpt from THE EXILE (the new graphic novel telling Jamie’s side of the story) in the back! Have any of you read that excerpt yet? I’d be Most Interested to hear what you think of it.

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  1. Hi! Can someone please explain WHY it's called the "Green Slime" edition? I am confused. :)

  2. SteveandAlina:

    If you scroll down Diana's blog, to the June 13 entry, Green Slime will be explained.

    : D



  3. I literally danced around my kitchen when my green slime copy arrived from Amazon! So excited! I've already pre-ordered The Exile! Can't wait!

  4. Congrats Diana! I am not surprised at the popularity of the green slime.

    I went by my local small town bookstore not expecting them to have it out on the very first day and was so surprised and happy to see many copies of green slime on the shelves and on display for sale! I grabbed one and read the excerpt in the car-would not wait till I got home! My daughter laughed at me reading as she drove. She knows I am an OUTLANDER nut. I have the graphic novel on pre-order and can't wait to get my eyes on it! Love the artwork and the story from a different view–Murtaugh's and looking forward to more of Jamie's.


  5. Well… I went to the bookstore to check out the excerpt of the graphic novel (own the hardcover edition) and as much as I would love to know Jamie's side of the story I have to be honest with you, it was a bit of a let down. I have never read a graphic novel before, but I read your novels before, and I thought that your outstanding writing was lost in between the graphics (hence graphic novel duh!) which dehumanized the characters and portrayed them in a way I've never pictured before, “unreal”. But, I love your work, and as a writer myself and a judge on screenwriting competitions, I know that the verdict should be reached when the words THE END show up at the bottom of the page. .I’m looking forward to the release of the GN and to a lot more of your writing.

  6. I just bought the Echo trade paperback and boy, is it green! I turned off the light to see if it glows in the dark. I like the GN exerpt in the back. I have never done more than browse through a GN before, but I will definitely buy this one.

  7. Hi! I am very new to story of Claire and Jamie…and quite frankly, I am completely hooked!! Wouldn't a movie be grand? :o)

  8. Went to Wal-Mart to the book section and that green book really jumped out at me. Checked out the back and "OH" what a tease. So far I think the artist really captured the likenesses to a T. I have read the first 6 books five times and "Echoe…" twice. I am now listening to the audio CDs. These pictures help me to picture the characters as they talk on the CDs. I have gotten several family members hooked on the books. It is so much fun to get into discussions about various happenings and how they fit together from one book to the next. What I really find so fascinating is the section in Sara Danoti's "Into The Wilderness" novel published in 1998, Clair, Jamie, and Ian are talked about when they were with Dr. Hunter in New York. Now this info about them doesn't show up until 2010 in "Echoe…" Figure that one out !! Diana really does write her stories in pieces and then puts them together to fit the story line. She is the most talented writer in the world. May she keep Clair and Jamie alive forever!!!!

  9. Bought it last week too and LOVE it. Even the Green Slime I've become fond of. And the GN excerpt! Ahhhhh! SO good! I can't wait to see it come fall. I'm not a graphic novel reader by any means but you can bet I'll be in line to buy this to go with my "collection" of Outlander stuff. LOVE it!

    Oh and I would NOT want to see this as a movie. So much would be lost (in response to the anon. commenter above). Mini-series perhaps. LOL It's just such a rich story you'd never be able to encompass all that is important to it.

  10. Can't wait to read it (and the Borders news is very good news for me, I am there FAR too much!) Do you know if the Green Slime will be released in the mass market paperback edition at all? I have all the other Outlander books in that size and believe I have a touch of OCD about my books …

  11. Dear disgruntled [g]–

    Yes, there'll be a mass-market paperback edition; that usually comes out about a year after the trade paperback edition.

  12. Re: the comic book stuff. I – an over-60 male – learned to read on those things and I don't mean to disparage the genre here but Sandra G has it right. The art is terrific – as is all Nguyen's stuff (easily matching NC Wyeth at his best) – but the whole concept reduces to the lowest level the magnificent color (in the descriptive sense) your writing and research has added to the written novels. Once someone has seen a artist's depiction, they lose the ability to imagine the characters themselves. And, at least in the snippet you've provided, I find the rendition not even close to my own imagination and the words without any kind of magic. I am reminded of the old Classic Comics only without the substance of great literature supporting them. Perhaps you'll pick up some readers but sometimes the grasping for the dollar isn't worth what you have to give up for it.

  13. Dear Anonymous–

    [ahem] "grasping for the dollar" has nothing whatever to do with it.

  14. fantastic news! it is great. i can not wait for the GN. i have seen the 'green slime' at many outlets which is great too.

    (not really anon but it doesn't like to let me post here lately it seems). i will try to figure it oot

  15. Dear Daina,
    Lately a lot of historical fiction literature, or events, are translated into movies (or TV series); I'm thinking here The Tudors, The Pillars of the Earth and The Borgias. Whats happening with Outlander movie?
    I know that there were talks about it two years ago, but right now the whole thing seems dead, which is a pitty.
    I can see how Outlander movie/ TV series would require a substantial production budget, but I cannot say that i've lost any hopes on seeing these books made into movies.
    Could you let us know if there are any news in this department?
    Many thanks, and once again I love your work!
    I am looking forward to your future works and especially to Outlander 8th book.
    All the best to you!

  16. Hi Diana ,
    No Need to Talk about all your work. I think everybody knows that it's the best, I Hope you're Feeling well!
    Is the GN going to be published in German ?
    Wish you the Best!
    Waiting for book 8,9,10…. :-) Please!!!!!!!!


  17. Dear Anonymous–

    Well, all I can say is that when there _is_ news on the movie front, I'll certainly tell you. [g]

  18. I bought the green slime yesterday from Amazon.com… I am really excited, but the book will only get here in Brazil in 2 months, I belive :/
    I am dying to read the excerpt of The Exile. I am a lover of design, comics and Outlander, obviously… So I'm really anxious!

  19. please how can we as fans try and get some type of movie going! Everyone who reads the series thinks This must be a movie, maybe a facebook page just tryng to get a movie, it worked for betty white getting on SNL>

  20. ***Well, all I can say is that when there _is_ news on the movie front, I'll certainly tell you. [g] ***

    Ouch! I hope I didnt sound too annoying.
    I didnt want to imply anything. It might be just frustration over not having movies made on some of my favorites books…LOL.
    Sorry for that Diana!
    I'll keep waiting, haha.
    What else can i do in this matter?
    I know a lot of fans that are looking forward to Outlander movie, or a TV series, and they are doing just the same, waiting.

    Sorry, I'm posting under anonymous. I am tired of having an account and a password for every single thing that i like to do on internet.
    Also apologies for my English, this will be my lifelong work, mastering a proper second language.

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