• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Appearances for the Rest of 2010



July 17th – Flagstaff Celtic Festival
Foxglenn Park, Flagstaff, AZ
Reading – 1 PM, book-signing – 2-4 PM


August 7th – International Clan MacKenzie Gathering/Strathpeffer Highland Games
Grounds of Castle Leod, Strathpeffer
Times TBA, but probably there from noon to 4 or 5. No reading, as the clan chieftain (aka the Earl of Cromartie) tells me the sound system is too antique to provide an adequate level of quality, but will have books for sale, and will sign books people bring, as well. And you get to see the Castle!

August 28th – Tucson Circle of Book Clubs Salon (open to the public)
4-6 PM. Short talk, followed by book-signing.
Windmill Inn
4250 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson, AZ
Books will be available for sale, courtesy Antigone Books
Contact Judy Ranzer (judy@ranzer.com) or Donna Grant (grantlimpan@aol.com) for further details.

August 28th – Tucson RWA Chapter (members only)
10:00 AM – speaking, book-signing


September 3-6 (Labor Day Weekend)

Decatur Book Festival
Downtown Decatur, GA (8 miles from Atlanta)
No set schedule as yet, but I always do at least one major talk, plus one or more book-signings.


Atlanta (This con is immense, and held in four hotels at once. I don’t yet have any sort of schedule, but will be attending with Betsy Mitchell, the DelRey editor for THE EXILE, and we’ll be doing at least one panel together, with slides of artwork from the graphic novel. I’ll certainly also be doing autographing.)

I’ll be switching back and forth between the Decatur Festival and Dragon*Con, so catch me at whichever one is most convenient and/or suited to your personal style!

September 11 – BOOKMARKS Book Festival
Winston-Salem, NC
Speaking and signing – times TBA.
www.bookmarksbookfestival.org for details.

THE EXILE is the new graphic novel, with Jamie’s (and Murtagh’s) side of the OUTLANDER story, script by me, spectacular artwork by Hoang Nguyen.

The launch will be held at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts (http://www.scottsdaleperformingarts.org/ ),
And will feature not only me, books, and food—but also a slideshow with commentary by me and Hoang Nguyen, who did the artwork for THE EXILE, and who will also be available to answer questions and autograph books.

While this event is sponsored by (and books supplied by) The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, they asked me to inform you that instead of reserving a book at the bookstore, you need to buy a ticket from the Center for the Arts (http://tickets.scottsdaleperformingarts.org/tickets/calendar.aspx ) to the event, and the price of your book is included in that. (You can also buy a ‘companion’ ticket for $5, if you want to bring a friend who doesn’t want a book.) [NB: The Center may not yet have their September program up; if not, please check back in a week or two.]

If you won’t be in town, or don’t live here, but would like to order a copy of THE EXILE signed by me, Hoang, or both of us, pleased contact Patrick@poisonedpen.com, or phone the bookstore at 480-947-2974.

Then comes a short(ish) book-tour. This is arranged by Random House, the publisher, and so far, I have only the following information available:

September 22nd – Tattered Cover
Denver, CO

September 23rd – Rainy Day Books
Kansas City

September 25th – National Book Festival
Washington, DC

September 28th – Book Passage
San Francisco, CA
Joint talk & signing with illustrator, Hoang Nguyen.

September 29th – San Diego Booksellers Coalition (Warwick’s, Mysterious Galaxy, Book Works)
Actual venue TBA, but somewhere in San Diego
Talk & signing

September 30th – Vroman’s
Pasadena, CA
Talk & signing

October 2 – Barnes & Noble
Tucson, AZ
Talk & signing

October 3rd – Borders
“The Waterfront,” Scottsdale, AZ
1-3:30 PM – book-signing; don’t know if they’ll be set up for speaking.

October 7th – Borders
Westbury, NY
Talk & signing—10/7

October 8-10
New York Comic-Con/ Special guest spotlight panel, signing
(with Betsy Mitchell, editor for THE EXILE)

October 17th – West Virginia Book Festival
(Yes, I am on the program, even though not listed on the website at the moment.)

October 22-24 – Surrey International Writers Conference
Surrey, BC
This is a paid writers conference (and an excellent one; the only one I do every year), but they do also have an open-to-the-public mass autographing session on Friday evening. This is held at the Guildford Sheraton Hotel, which hosts the conference, and is usually from 5:45 – 7:30 PM.

I may do one or two outside (public) events to promote THE EXILE while I’m attending the conference, but no information on that as yet.


November 11-14 – Scribbler’s Retreat Writers Conference
St. Simon’s Island, GA

November 16th – Arizona Library Association conference
Radisson Hotel, Scottsdale
Contact Jennifer.Whitt@pima.gov for details.

For other inquiries regarding book-tour appearances, please contact
Katie Rudkin | Publicity Manager | Random House
1745 Broadway | New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212-782-9356 | krudkin@randomhouse.com

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  1. Dear Diana,

    Thanks for giving me warning. I will be seeing you nonetheless and I'm still estatic. :-)

  2. Dear Diana, I'm Italian and I'm a big fan of yours and your amazing books! On Sunday I'll arrive in Scotland for my holidays and when I found out that you'll be in Strathpeffer for the Highland Games next Saturday I coudn't believe my luck and I've changed the whole route at the eleventh hour to meet you! ^_^ I'm soooo happy to have this incredible chance!! And there is also the gathering of the CLAN MACKENZIE, at CASTLE LEOD!!! I didn't know that! Am I dreaming?? :o) Is there also Jamie maybe??!! :oD I keep my fingers crossed…In the meantime, have a nice trip!

  3. I agree with the above poster- an Alberta girl like me- if you can return to Calgary's "Wordfest", we would be so thankful!
    So many of us fans enjoyed your talk and signing.

  4. Oh No!
    I don't believe it.
    You are FINALLY going to be in my neck of the woods (Long Island) and where am I going to be?
    In Colorado, visiting my kids and grandkids.

  5. Just looked at the rest of the schedule. Maybe I can get up to Denver on 9/22. I'll make a point of introducing myself if I make it.
    Hope to see you….

  6. Dragoncon again, wow, I feel very lucky. Last year I went down just for the day with some friends to see Diana, this year I'll be there the entire weekend, yea! So much fun at the reading, and seeing the evolution of the graphic novel, can't wait to see what this year will bring. So do we need an Outlander group get together?

  7. Hi,
    I have been with your wonderful characters since Outlander was published. I quietly wait for the next book while enjoying the others over again. I have recommended them to many of my family and friends–and have discussed them at length with most. I am trilled that you are coming about 10 minutes from my home in Long Island NY. I knew that if I was patient I would get to see you in person. Thank you for the writing these books!! See you in October.

  8. Bonjour madame Gabaldon,

    Sorry for my english, it's not very good, so I will write in my language, french/Québec. J'adore l'histoire d'amour de Jamie et Claire, l'histoire au grand complet! C'est magnifique, vous avez un don pour mettre sur papier les émotions et les images; en vous lisant, on peut facilement s'imaginer dans ce temps, c'est magnifique! J'ai un conjoint merveilleux, mais mon dieu que j'aurais aimé avoir un Jamie Fraser dans ma vie! hihi! Un grand merci de nous faire partager cette merveilleuse histoire. J'ai une grande admiration pour vous. J'ai fait découvrir vos livres à ma fille de 17 ans, qui les dévorent encore plus rapidement que moi. Viendrez-vous un jour au Canada, plus précisement à Québec? J'attends avec impatience et espoir le film ou la série et j'espère qu'il reflètera le plus possible cette belle histoire! Et surtout qu'il sera en version très longue! Un gros merci!

  9. Hi Diana,

    Do you happen to have more contact info for the Borders in Westbury, NY (October 7th)? I searched Borders website and can't find a store in that city. And, apparently there are two "Westbury"s in NY, one being much closer to me than the other.


  10. I would assume it's the Borders on Old Country Road, near the former Fortunoff's. It came right up when I searched borders.com. Are you sure you didn't spell something wrong?
    I'd say "see you there," but I'll be in Colorado. On the positive side, though, I'll hopefully be able to get to the Denver appearance with my daughters, whom I turned into Outlander fans last year, and some friends, who they've infected.

  11. BTW for anyone near (or visiting) D.C. on September 25, here's the site for the Library of Congress Book Festival:


  12. Hi Diana,

    If you have not checked it out already, you have been voted for the most "Favorite Author" of the 2010 National Book Fest, so far. And of course, I voted. See you on September 25th.


  13. When Echo came out – I drove to an hour and a half to Dayton (Books-A-Million) to see you. Here in Columbus, Ohio (the STATE CAPITAL I might add) we have a good Gabaldon following. There's a HUGE B&N here… I emailed Katie in NYC, and told her Central Ohio needs to be remembered ESPECIALLY for Scottish Prisoner!!! Love your writing. Thank you!

  14. Hi Diana,
    Do you know if your publisher has any plans to send you to England at all? Also, why is the first book titled Cross Stitch over here? when my friend recommended it to me I thought it was a book about sewing! Outlander sounds far more appealing.
    Can't wait for book 8 x

  15. Appreciate all the votes! Thank you!

    As for England–I have a separate UK publisher, and yes, they brought me over in January when ECHO came out. They haven't yet bought THE EXILE, so not going for that.

    As to "Cross stitch"–that was my original working title for the manuscript. The US bought it first, thought that boring [g] and asked for a new title, so I thought of OUTLANDER. Then we sold it in the UK, and _they_ said, "Oh, we love the book, but to us, an outlander is a South African. Can you think of something else?" "Well, I _did_ call it Cross Stitch," I said, and they said "Oh, lovely!" and there you are. [g]

  16. Oh no, can't believe I missed you in January :(
    Thanks for letting me know how the different titles came about. I've never heard of the term outlander been applied to South Africans! I know several South Africans living over here and they were not aware of it either. Nevertheless, interesting to learn how these things work. I imagine thinking of a title must be very difficult at times-how to convey the spirit of a 800 page book in a few words? Quite daunting!

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