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Yes, the Green Slime _will_ have THE EXILE excerpt

Image copyright 2010 Hoang Nguyen

Just a note to answer the question about the graphic novel excerpt (I have no idea why, but the blog won’t let _me_ post comments now). Yes, the new (green) US trade paperback edition does indeed have an eight-page, full-color excerpt from THE EXILE.

THE EXILE, for anyone who wasn’t plugged in over the last six months or so, is the official title for the graphic novel based on OUTLANDER. This is being billed as “Jamie’s side of the story”–and it is that, though Jamie’s is not the only viewpoint. The bulk of the story is told from Murtagh’s viewpoint, but that’s obviously a harder sell for the poor marketing people. [g] And we do indeed get to see all the things that Claire _didn’t_ see, wasn’t privy to, or didn’t understand–which means that there’s a whole new storyline weaving through the events that you’ll recognize from OUTLANDER.

And all of it _gorgeously_ illustrated by the remarkable Hoang Nguyen.

Edited to add an image of one of the pages (now that I figured out how)–this is one of my favorite “takes” of Jamie, down in the last panel, and gives you some idea of how the dialogue is handled. (And no, Jamie doesn’t have pointed ears; his hair is just overlying the top of his ear.)

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  1. Dear Bobbi–

    Yes, graphic novels like this are sold in Barnes and Noble and Borders stores. This one certainly will be [g]–though it will also be available through amazon.com, and for those wanting an autographed copy,you can order from The Poisoned Pen (www.poisonedpen.com). We're having a huge launch party for the book here in Scottsdale, sponsored by the Poisoned Pen, on September 21, the pub date. [http://www.poisonedpen.com/event-calendar/gabaldon-diana-2/?searchterm=The%20Exile]

  2. This will be a first for me. I've never read or owned a graphic novel. I hope it reads as well as the books

  3. I pre-ordered the GN a while back. I have never bought one before but I am not missing this one. I really love the look on Jamie's face in the last panel. Did that look come naturally to the artist from reading the book or did you work with him to get it?

  4. Oh I can't wait to get my copy of the graphic novel. My first! And I love Murtagh so much I am glad to know we will be getting his take on all the goings on. I would like to know what went down with him and Jamie right before Culloden and during the battle. Thank you so much for this great story. My niece urged me to read Outlander, but I resisted so she gave it to me for Christmas last year. Now I am waiting on the next book to be written. God bless you Brianna for finally getting me to read this wonderful story!!!

  5. But Jamie can't wink!

  6. love it! Green is my favorite color and while the black is striking in hardback it would lose its luster in paperback. I have the small paperback versions. Will they also have the excerpt of The Exile? I am waiting till Echo comes out in that form so it will match my set. I am kind of anal like that. :-)

  7. *JUMPS Excitedly UP and Down*

    So awesome. Friday/Saturday I'll order both the paperback and the GN from the PP. I Live here in Phoenix too, and have successfully managed to miss every single release party so far.

    I am also trying very hard to make it up to flagstaff next month for the Celtic Festival – but its the week after my son's birthday and he of course wants a huge party for his 10th year of life. Decisions, Decisions.

    I did purchase the Graphic Twilight Novel, and that was absolutely stunning. I think Exile will be even BETTER.

    Can't wait!

  8. I pre-ordered the GN couple months ago and just can't wait! Even more so now after seeing the teaser! I would like to see what happened to Jamie and Murtagh before Culloden also. I was near tears when it was found that Murtagh died on the battlefield. Three months to go!

  9. Love seeing Jamie's hair color in this. Can't wait to see and read more about Jamie, Claire, and crew.
    Congrats on trying a new way of sharing your story and accomplishing it. You are inspiring!

  10. mmm-mmmmm, Jamie does not disappoint!

  11. Gee, I don't recall you describing Claire as being a double-D…did I miss that somehow??

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