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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Well, I’m home—and thrilled to be here, believe you me. [g] I actually got sprung late afternoon on Friday, earlier than expected. Possibly because I was standing beside my bed, dressed in my street clothes, when the surgeon came in to see me (very funny; there was an RN and a LPN in the room at the time, and he apparently thought I was one, too. He glanced at the empty bed, then—startled—at me, and blurted, “Oh, you’re the _patient_! I didn’t recognize you.” No reason why he should, after all—I look quite different when out cold with my head in a bag).

Anyway, all’s well so far, but I’m not going to write much because I _am_ significantly Under the Influence of pain meds and rat poison. The knee is hugely swollen, of course—and was wrapped in layers and layers and layers of cotton batting and Ace bandage, as seen in the accompanying photo (my other leg is wearing an elastic compression stocking, to assist with circulation).

I got to unwrap it this morning, which was a great relief, though the underlying flesh is a nasty sight. (My husband took a photo of the incision-plus-steri-strips, but says I ought not to post that, as being too gross and indicating a tendency to egomania, assuming that people would be interested in looking at my gross knee. Now, personally, I’m always interested in looking at gross things, but I’ll bow to his better judgement here, since he’s _not_ on pain pills.)

Good to be home, though—and many, many, many thanks to all the kind people who’ve kept me in their thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Diana,

    I sympathize, as I had both knees replaced a couple of years ago; I’m 52! Dr. said it’s definitely genetic…he’s replaced my Mom’s and my Dad’s. And I empathize, as I’m a RN! …hope you have a minute to read this…I found that Arnica Gel by Bioron was incredible for pain, swelling, and incidentally, bruising. I applied it several times a day at first, and then later on, just at bedtime. Also, the physical therapy exercises are so helpful and important…keep up with them for several months, and longer, to get your knee to be truly a brand new wonder! Best to you, enjoy your rest!


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