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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


OK, I have _no_ idea what I’m doing here, none. As part of the promotion for ECHO, though, Borders asked me if I’d come talk to people during a two-hour online chat thingie on their Facebook page next Tuesday. “Sure,” I said–despite the fact that I’ve never been on Facebook in my life, have no idea how to get there, nor yet what to do when I _am_ there. But following initial advice from Youngest Daughter (who certainly _does_ know all about Facebook, and a good thing, too…), I created a “Celebrity” page, as well as making an individual account (which the Random House publicist said I’d need in order to do the chat on Tuesday).

So I did, and pretty darn confusing it is, though I imagine things will become clearer as I muddle around in it. I did somehow manage to link the page to this blog–thought I’d mention it in case any of y’all wondered what the heck that “Fan box” is doing there.

I’ll try to put some actual content on said page, as soon as I figure out how to do that…so if there’s anything you’d like to see there, let me know!

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  1. I don't know what's the matter with the regular website; I emailed my webmistress about it yesterday, though, so with luck we'll get it fixed soon.

  2. I am so happy that you have a fan page on Facebook :). I just the other day joined a page created by fans, but yours is much better. Its so easy once you get used to it. I'll be looking for updates!

  3. Hello,
    I'm only on facebook to keep an eye on my child . . . but I slowly became addicted. Super glad to hear that you (and not someone pretending to be you–there's another "DG" fan page out there) have a "fan" site (page, book, thing). Don't know if the "chat" happened yet but I will check in. Looking forward to "Echo" and Cheers.

  4. Dear All–

    The link for the Borders Facebook chat (which happens tomorrow–Tuesday–from 9-11 PDT, is


    See you there!

  5. I'm on facebook all the time, but I'm not a fan of Borders on there. I should add them. ^_^

    Speaking of Borders, I'm leaving (from graduate school classes) in 30 minutes to go there and buy An Echo in the Bone! I'm very excited.

  6. Just don't get started on Farmtown or Pet Society. Yikes. lol They're addictive. lol Enjoy facebook!

  7. Diana. I want more closure in Outlanders, Will there be another book in this series?
    tghank you for an answer/ ada

  8. Hi Diana,

    Just got through with Echo and loved it. I am on bus vacation with my dad and had ample opportunity to read. We visited the Biltmore Estate today in North Carolina, and our journey started in Alvin, Texas. What a wonderful way to fill the miles! I love your dangling storylines an anxiously await the next installment.



  9. Hi Diana,
    Just finished Echo in the Bone and it was fabulous- I'm going to start over again tonight :)
    I am hoping to come and see you in Cambridge (NZ) next month…
    If only to put you straight back on the plane so you can keep writing and fix the cliffhangers because I'm worried for the bairns!
    _Love_ your work!

  10. Hanh Diana / Hello Diana. I'm not much on photos of me – it's an Indn thing & more so for us Traditionals – so "Face"Book isn't a place I'd ordinarily go. But I'm a read-a-holic & been taken by your Outlander series, so here I am. I blog & am having the devil's own time figuring out the linking thing, so it's comforting to find that someone I relate to is having the same problem. Anyone wanting to help me – you're welcome! You'd be helping a lot of Indns in the process. You describe the living conditions of the 1700s so well – & many of us still live similarly today. Not always by design, but it's too long to go into here. Anyway, your descriptions come alive for me/us & we really relate to your tale. For keeping on with it – Ota pilamiyaye / Many thanks.

  11. was on facebook reading the discussions on your page today, when all of the sudden they disappeared! what happened? am in the process of listening to the audio version of echo in the bone, and loving it!

  12. Diana,
    My husband + I are big fans and Echo in the Bone is a Masterpiece! I felt the work that stands behind this latest installment must have be extraordinary. Breath of Snow + Ashes came out at a difficult time in my life(recovering from big surgery) and now to have Echo to enjoy 3 yrs. later provides not only great joy as reader but a reminder that life can also be good at times. Thank you soo very much for keeping all of the minds of the characters alive. I hope we meet someday.Slainte'

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