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BEES – More Chapter Titles!


Here’s a bit to enliven your day… the next seven Chapter Titles from BEES!

(The titles for chapters in Section One are listed in a previous blog post.)
[SPOILER SPACE — in case some people think the titles might give anything away. Though somehow, I don’t think so…]
SECTION II: No Law West of the Pecos

   CHAPTER 8: Lightning

   CHAPTER 9: Erstwhile Companions

   CHAPTER 10: What Is Not Good for the Swarm Is Not Good for the Bee (Marcus Aurelius)

   CHAPTER 11: Mon Cher Petit Ami

   CHAPTER 12: The Hound of Heaven

   CHAPTER 13: Reading by Firelight

   CHAPTER 14: Duck, Duck, Goose

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Image credit: This photo of me was taken by a lovely French journalist/blogger named Victoria Arias (Twitter name: @mangoandsalt), who was one of several journalists who came on a brief tour of Outlander filming locations in Scotland. It was taken in a small room of Falkland Palace, made up to look like an apothecary’s workroom—they said it was used in Season Two, for the apothecary’s where Claire meets Mary Hawkins unexpectedly. Taken on my trip to receive a VisitScotland Thistle Award.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your books. Having a degree in history I know how much research is involved in making these works accurate, or as accurate as history is. Again, I await the next chapter in your continuing saga of the family Fraser.

  2. Wann wird denn das 9.Buch,, The bees” erscheinen? LG. Ihr großer Fan Doris Rühlich

    Google translation:

    When will the 9th book “The bees” appear? LG.

    Her big fan,
    Doris Rühlich

    • Hallo Doris,

      Diana hofft, GO TELL THE BEES zu beenden, dass ich in diesem Jahr weg bin.

      Wenn Diana es fertiggestellt hat und ihr US-Verlag einen Veröffentlichungstermin festgelegt hat, wird dies auf Dianas Homepage sowie auf Dianas offizieller BEES-Webseite unter folgender Adresse bekannt gegeben:


      Also hoffentlich in ein paar Monaten!

      Diana unterhält auch eine zweite offizielle Website für deutschsprachige Leser. Es enthält Artikel, die für deutsche Leser ihrer Bücher von Interesse sind:



      Diana’s Webmistress


      Hi, Doris,

      Diana hopes to finish GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE this year.

      When Diana has completed it and her U.S. publisher has set a release date, it will be announced on Diana’s home page as well as Diana’s official BEES webpage at:


      So hopefully in a few months!

      Diana also maintains an second official website for German-speaking readers. It features articles of interest to German readers of her books:


      Diana’s Webmistress

      I used Google translate to convert English to German, and hope it works well. :-)

  3. love your books can’t wait for #8–also watch dvd’s have to wait for season 4
    know that the two don’t match, but love both–

  4. I really hope that the French title for Chapter 11 means lots of Fergus-related material! He’s my favorite. Thanks for giving us these little glimpses into the writing process. It makes me appreciate even more all the hard work that goes in to writing these massive, impressive tomes.

  5. I love your books. I read the first one and was hooked. I have loved each one and they have provided me with a great pleasure. I look forward to reading #9.

    Thank you for writing this series.

  6. I love the chapter titles and your photo. Anxiously awaiting the entire book. Thank you for the latest update.

  7. When did Fanny’s eyes change color from brown to gray?

    • Hi, Janet,

      Excerpts are drafts that Diana is sharing, so they likely have a few inconsistencies that aren’t worked out yet.

      (I did pass your observation on to her. Thanks!)

      Diana’s Webmistress

  8. Hey, girl, I’ve been reading you since the git-go. No one else can even come close to your authenticity and characters. But I’ve one bone to pick–I’m 88 years old now, and I want to hang around until Jamie and Claire call it a day.

    So get busy!

    Love your stuff, as do my children and their mates.


  9. Diane, I thoroughly enjoyed your Outlander stories and am re-reading them while I eagerly await “Bees”. I was surprised at how I noticed things that I did not remember from the first read through.

    I am trying to figure out how old Jamie and Claire are in “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood.” I think they must be in their 50′s which I think is rather old for most people living in the 18th century. I believe that when Claire was coming back to Jamie, she dyed her hair so as “not to scare him.” Anyway, I hope that they are both on some kind of wonder herb that has them living until their 90′s so that we can have many more Outlander adventures to which we can look forward.

    • Dianne,

      Diana has announced that after GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, the book she is working on now and may finish this year (book nine of the Outlander novels), she will likely write one more big novel with Jamie and Claire (book ten, no title yet).

      A prequel novel about Jamie’s parents is something Diana she plans to write after book ten is published, as well as a book about Master Raymond, the time traveler.

      Diana’s Webmistress

  10. Please please finish the Outlander series before I die. Read the first 8 volumes twice and am anxiously awaiting the “bees”. I was 39 in 1991 when Outlander was published. Please finish while I’m still young lol. The series is fabulous

  11. Well…i am aninsatiable raeder wheni choose a book it is usually by the thickness then the subject matter. My sisteris a librarian and has tried to get me to read Dianas books for years andi resisisted just too silly too farfetched sounded like a fary tale BOY wasi eber wrong doi owe yu an apology aGREAT BIG ONE i love you and your books ihave read them first and now have just finished listening to them on AUDIBLE…I am waiting for the BEE book with bated breath…so get to writin lady a d have a hge lady crush on you…Iwas quite seriously ill for a couple of years and you helped pull me out of a true case of the dumps and. Helped me in my recovery….THANKS DIANA!!! I am Jane Elizabeth Russell

  12. I AM DYING.. I just finished reading book 8 – and check almost daily to see when “Bees” will be released. I cannot read anything else (feels like I’m cheating on Outlander sometimes) and am generally missing my Frazers.. ugh… come on Diana :) When you release “bees” I am going to be the first in line to purchase..

    Funnily enough I realize how detailed these books are and how long they must take to write, so I cannot imagine what a mess/state I will be in after I’m done reading book 9 and waiting for the 10th and final installment.


  13. Will they ever be moving back to Europe? What about somewhere else? Please tell me their story doesn’t end in the United States.

    • Dear Emme,

      Sorry, but you will have to wait for Books 9 and 10 to find out where Jamie and Claire wind up… unless you’re a time traveler, too.

      It will be okay. Don’t worry!


  14. I am rereading the series for the…th time, ( I really have lost count, but it must be once a year so…) and
    I am -fingers crossed- hoping that maybe by the time I am through to the end, including of course the Lord John books, that Bees will be available. The excerpts are warm and lovely, and I really thank you very deeply for further enriching my reading lists.

  15. I just got around to reading you books and once I got started I couldn’t put them down. According to the Libby, which is the Library e-book borrowings space, I read one of your books in 23 hours. I got very addicted and now I’m haunting your site looking for info on the “BEES” . Can’t wait to read it. And I plan to purchase all the book to have in my e- book library so I can re-read as often as I want . All my special faves go in my Tablet. You hit the big time.

  16. Will the letter Brianna found in the old desk where Frank found out about her heritage going back to Queen of Scotland and Brianna being tracked about it show up in Bees?

    • Methinks you’ll have to wait and read the book, unless Diana includes something like that in an excerpt she releases. :-)

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