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SEVEN STONES on June 27, 2017!

Seven-Stones-cover-lgAlrighty, then! Penguin Random House (U.S. and U.K.) and I are delighted to announce that SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL comes out June 27th!

(For those who’ve just stopped by…this is NOT (repeat NOTNOTNOT) Book Nine. SEVEN STONES is a collection of “Outlander short fiction”—i.e., novellas. (Not all that short, either, but these things are relative…. the individual novellas run from 30,000-50,000 words each, so this is a fairly substantial book.)

So, to introduce the book, every week we’ll have #DailyLines (excerpts) that feature a different novella, starting this week with THE CUSTOM OF THE ARMY. (Yes, we’ll have other #DailyLines, too. These snippets are special for the new book.)

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Straightening up from the gunwale, the Indian caught Grey’s eye and smiled.

“You be careful, Englishman,” he said, in a voice with a noticeable French accent, and, reaching out, ran his fingers quite casually through Grey’s loose hair. “Your scalp would look good on a Huron’s belt.”

This made the soldiers from the boat all laugh, and the Indian, still smiling, turned to them.

“They are not so particular, the Abenaki who work for the French. A scalp is a scalp—and the French pay well for one, no matter what color.” He nodded genially to the grenadiers, who had stopped laughing. “You come with me.”

Click here to read more about the stories in SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL.

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  1. and now for something completely different.

    I have watched tons of your interviews hoping this question would be asked – AND IT NEVER WAS!.

    So I will ask it: How in the world did you find Davina Porter? She is soooo good. I read the first few books and then started putting all of them in Audible. The books are so great and she stood up and surpassed any expectation I had. She did you Diana G proud.

    Good Job!!

  2. Thought I’d point out a couple of things…I have read your books through Fiery Cross and enjoyed them!

    Penicillin is not effective for Salmonella or other enterics, it only works on gram positive bacteria. Enterics are gram negative bacteria….basic bacteriology.

    In Fiery Cross you noted towards the end that the Mohawk woman “gave” the opal to Claire, but earlier in the book you said she found in near the skull of the time traveler, later discovered to be Springer!!!

  3. Dear Ms Gabaldon,

    Thank you again for tiding the time over until we receive the next setting of the looooong story of Jamie and Claire. Meantime, it is fun watching the characters arise in the TV series (which I have on DVD), much to my surprise those being a slight different to my imagination (and probably yours, no doubt, too). Please carry on being so witty and giving us insights on the goings-on, it is always very refreshing (do you not age at all? ;-))
    Best regards
    Yvonne from Germany

  4. Are you more Claire, or Jaime? Been through the main story books twice in the past year and wading in for round two with the novellas. Going a little nutz waiting on book nine. Hurry up please, no don’t, it has to be pure gabladon and that surely must take time. Even crazier, I thank you for making me nutz. You truly have a gift and I’m very glad you chose to share it with the world. Consoling myself with the fact that September is only a couple of months away.

    Anxiously awaiting Book Nine

    an unexpected fan

  5. My sister handed me my birthday present (a week early) with the cryptic comment, “Let me know if you have this already.”

    I peeked. Nope, don’t have this one–but now I do! What a great sister!

  6. Hello! Can someone please inform me how the 2 new books in Seven Stones (Fugitive Green and Beseiged) fit into the chronology of the Outlander series (as listed @ http://www.dianagabaldon.com/books/chronology-of-the-outlander-series/)?

    I have always been a stickler (obsessed?) with reading works in order. Thanks in advance. Lucinda in Maryland.

    • Dear Lucinda–

      Well, A FUGITIVE GREEN is set in 1744/45, and therefore fits within the timeline of DRAGONFLY IN AMBER–we see Jamie in Paris, doing his spy work for the Rising, at the beginning of the story (and we hear about his beautiful wife, presumably back at Jared’s house). BESIEGED follows A PLAGUE OF ZOMBIES, in Lord John’s chronology, and since it deals with the siege of Havana, must be set in 1762.

      Hope this helps!



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