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OUTLANDER_Starz – First Look OUTLANDER (tv) Trailer!

Here’s the “first-look” trailer presented at the recent Fan Event in Los Angeles, with a fascinating glimpse of the new cable-tv series (being produced by Starz), to be released sometime this summer!

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. My mum and I have read all the outlander books several times over, both of us have all seven books, and are waiting for the 8th book to be released in June in the UK.
    At first I read a movie was coming out on the outlander series and got very excited, but then I read it was to be made into a TV series…………having said to my mum previously that there was a film being made, the first thing she saidto me was ” you have to take me to see it”!!!!……….now it will be a TV series, we dont need to leave the house, we can watch it in the comfort of our own homes, whoo hoo!!. We will be transfixed for the full 16 episodes, it is a must that the series be put onto DVD……….. as my mum says they are “keepers”…….I agree of course.
    Please please please let it come to the UK in July the same time it is aired in America, we cannot wait to see how it transpires from the books to visual on screen. Having watched the trailer on Utube of the interviews with Sam and Catriona……….they are PERFECT to play Jamie and Claire.
    Well done Ms Gabaldon for creating such a phenomina!

    • Susanne,

      Diana has said elsewhere that she doesn’t have anything to do with the licensing and showing of the series:

      “…the international rights to the show belong to the Sony corporation, who licenses them individually to distributors in various countries. At the moment, there is a deal already in place for Canada; ”

      As for other countries, such as the U.K., Diana said, “they’re [Sony] only just beginning the marketing process of selling it in other countries. I’ll be sure to note further information as we get it!”

      In other words, Sony will be selling the series to different regional cable or broadcast companies (probably to the highest bidder, I would guess) in each country or viewing area. So it will be awhile until all of that is settled and announced.

      Apparently marketing a show like this around the world is complicated, something that surprised me. It will be worth the wait! We need to have giant viewing parties in different countries, for each country’s premiere. :-)


      • Hi Loretta,

        Thank you for clarifying that it is sony that is marketing the Outlander series……..However like all fans of the books, we are very excited that this is being televised, and cannot wait for this to be broardcast in our own countries.

        I agree with u though, it would be great to have viewing parties in all different countries :)

        Kind Regards


  2. Hi,
    Has anyone read or heard why Sam’s hair ( Jamie ) is auburn and not red, his red hair takes on its own character in the books. I know the color I see in interviews with Sam is auburn, because it is my color, and has been since birth. I was wondering if it had something to do with the filming, something as simple as red Hair did not look good on Sam, or it just did not translate well to TV.
    Also, has Diana mentioned if this is the last book, or can we anxiously look forward to another.
    Thank you Diana for your incredible series.

  3. I’m so very glad this will be a series and not a movie as I think a series will give the time needed to do justice to the complexities of the story. While my mental image may not have been a match for the actors cast what really matters is that the integrity of the story remain. It would be a travesty if they mangled Outlander as they did The Lord of the Rings and other literary works. Looking forward to seeing the show!!

  4. Hi, Lucille,

    About Jamie’s hair (as portrayed by Sam H.), the series is being true to the books! (Thank you, Ron Moore and crew!) Diana posted this about the topic last November:

    “In the months since [Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie], the production people have been kind enough to show me the occasional glimpse of this or that. I _have_ seen the red hair in its full glory (it took seven tries—and 27 hours in a salon chair, I was told by the victim), and speaking as someone married to a red-head (himself Jamie’s original body model) and with two more in residence…it’s definitely the right kind of red.

    “Red hair—as I notice a few red-heads have been mentioning—looks Way Different, depending on the light. Unless it’s truly carroty (and Jamie’s is Definitely Not), sometimes it looks almost brown, sometimes it’s red-gold and sometimes it’s all different colors and sometimes it has almost-blond highlights and sometimes…well, let’s put it this way: it doesn’t look like Bozo the clown or Shamus the Wrestler, it looks like Real Hair, just red. (And if you really worry about this, do go and google “red deer images” and _see_ what the heck a red deer’s pelt looks like.)”

    Diana’s words above are from her blog entry, “Casting Commentary:”


    (Diana’s Webmistress)

    PS – For a listing of (and links to) selected news media stories, articles, and interviews with Diana about the Outlander TV series, be sure to check her TV series news page at


  5. Hey Diana, (or anyone else out there who may know)

    Has there been an official name for the Oultander TV Series released yet? Just asking cause there has already been a TV series called “Outlander” if I am not mistaken.


    • Sorry, I’m just a bit off track here! That TV series I was referring to was called “Highlander” and it ran from 1992-1998, it was a 2008 movie called “Outlander”. Just ignore my silly question!
      (blushes uncontrolably)

  6. Hey Diana,

    I was watching ‘About Love’ and thought…. If Domhnall Gleeson buffed up, and put on a Scottish accent, he would be the perfect Jamie :) Cross Stitch/Outlander would make a great movie.


    • Dear Hayley–

      Well…[cough]…luckily, it’s going to be a great tv show, and even more luckily, Mr. Sam Heughan will be playing Jamie and doing a wonderful job of it (I’ve seen him do it!).

      Hope you’ll enjoy it!


  7. When is this due to air and will we get this in Australia… I am loving the books, even have my Dad reading them

    • Dear Laura–

      The US release date hasn’t been announced, beyond “Summer 2014.” But yes, it has been picked up in Australia and will air on SoHo. Hope you enjoy it!


  8. Hi Diana or Loretta,

    Do you know whether the audible version of the new book will be available at the same time as the print? I love the books so much I don’t want to ‘waste’ the first read on a paper version I might be tempted to speed through. The only thing better than the Outlander stories is Davina Porter’s ability to bring them to life. (And pronounce all the words correctly – which I can’t do in my head!!).

    Thanks, Jan

    • Dear Jan–

      Yes, it should be out pretty close to the hardcover edition. I can’t promise that it will be out the same day–it does take time to do the recording, and they can’t start that until I give them a complete, copy-edited and corrected manuscript. But it’ll be as close as they can get, I’m sure.


  9. I have devoured all of the Outlander series books (am waiting for the last one) and am beyond excited that Canada is picking this up.
    As with any book, we all see the characters through different eyes and I do not care that the vision on the screen does not exactly match my images, as long as the script is the same as the book, I think these characters will soon work their way into our hearts.
    Well done Showcase!!! Wish I knew the airing date though!

  10. Hi Diana et al,

    Just wanted to say that I adore the outlander series, have read and reread them at least 5 times and cannot wait for the next installment!
    I just wondered if there had been any news on the series airing in Ireland and the UK? My sister, our friends and I have been waiting in anticipation since we heard of the possibility of the show.

    Thanks a million.

    • Hi, Aisling!

      No, I don’t have any news other than what I wrote. But if/when other international deals for the show are made, I’ll certainly announce them here. (I can’t imagine that the show _wouldn’t_ be on somewhere in the UK/Ireland.)


  11. I live in the UK and don’t have Sky. Is there going to be a DVD boxset of the series that will be available in the UK? I’ve also read the series 3+ times and just finished Written in My Own Hearts Blood – a great book- love the ending. I’m glad that the 2 actors who will play Jamie and Claire are unknown to me, they seem to be ideal for the parts.

    • Dear Liz–

      I’m sure there will eventually be DVD’s of the series–because really, do you know of _any_ TV show that isn’t produced on DVD’s? However, with luck, one or another channels in the UK will also pick up the show for regular distribution over there as well. Hope you enjoy it, however you get to see it!



  12. Dear Diana,
    Love all your books! Hope you aren’t tired of hearing this oh-so-unoriginal phrase!
    I read about the TV series more than a year ago in Scottish Life magazine (Fraser clan in my heritage, which was why Outlander grabbed my attention in ’91).
    Anyway, I was delighted and then disappointed because I don’t have access to STARZ channel. If you have any input as to a DVD production, please, please put in a yes-vote for fans like me.
    Best wishes,

  13. I don’t have STARZ either and would VERY much love to see the series out on DVD.

    • Dear Carole–

      Y’all (because this is only one of manymanymanymany similar messages) can’t seriously suppose that there won’t be DVDs of the series made available? Do y’all know ANY TV show–successful or not [g]–that doesn’t have DVDs? Why on earth would a production company say, “Oh, heck, why would we bother putting out DVDs? We don’t need to make any more money from this show, why bother?” I mean…come on. [g]


  14. Even though I’m one of your die-hard fans, don’t think I’ll watch the series on Starz. We have all fantasized our own ideal Jamie and for me Sam Heuhan is not it. Too bad Chris Hemsworthy wasn’t considered for the part. He comes a lot closer to my ideal Jamie. As for your comment regarding his widow’s peak, that could easily have been shaved off if it was an issue.

    • So this is just about the looks? Couldn’t it be wortwhile to see whether Sam can act Jamie?

      My strongest conviction so far has been one should really give the job to a Scot – something about being and not acting Scottish that appeals to me very much. But this is just me …

      • Oh, I forgot: there are aspects of the Outlander series I don’t really adore: like the titles (sorry about that). To me, they almost never fit the intelligent content inside and I never dwell on them for a long time. But they are only the first thing I get to see – it would be quite stupid of me not to give the books a chance :-)

  15. I just finished watching the first episode of Outlander on Starz for the second time. I am so happy it was made available on the computer for free. I do not have Starz on my TV, but I will contact my cable company and add Starz just so I can watch Outlander. I hate my cable company every time I pay my bill, but I will increase my bill for Outlander.

    I really enjoyed the first episode. I like the casting, the scenery, and the writing. The actors certainly are not what I have pictured in my mind for these many years I have been reading and rereading these books, but I like what I have seen. I like that they are using actors I have never seen. I do wish Jamie could have been a little taller. The location is beautiful. The buildings, the cars, and the land are wonderful. I am glad they did not try to make this wonderful series into a movie. It just would not be possible to do justice to Diana’s work with a movie. I hope this will become a long, long running TV series that follows Diana’s work closely. I think the writing in the first episode is great.

    I think the acting was great. Everyone seemed real to me. Claire is the only one I got a good feel for and I really like what the writers are doing with her.

    The book series is my all time favorite and I am looking forward to the TV series becoming my all time favorite. I think Starz made a very smart move to produce this show.

  16. I am an avid reader of all genres, but this series has been my absolute favorite by far. This series was recommended by a friend a few years ago, and I have said thank you over and over again. I have recommended the series to so many others as well.

    Claire & Jamie Fraser (and the rest of the characters) have become a part of my life. I have lost sleep over them, worried about them, cried & laughed with them, etc. Many others I have spoken to agree that they become part of your world.

    I have watched the first episode of Outlander on Starz twice already (once with subtitles) and am eagerly awaiting the rest of the series. If the rest of the series is as awesome as the first episode, I won’t be disappointed.

    I think the casting of Jamie & Claire was right on the money. I was glad that they weren’t “famous superstars”. I actually was not familiar with either Sam or Caitriona, but they will forever be Jamie & Claire for me.

    Thank you a truly wonderful series, you have brought joy to so many!

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  18. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading the books, but I have a question about the small boy the vicar adopted. Is he related to Claire from the past? A great great grandson maybe?

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