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The Ides of April – or, Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

In honor of the date, a song of the American Revolution: A Junto Song ‘Tis money makes the members vote And sanctifies our ways, It makes the patriot turn his coat And money we must raise, and A-taxing we will go, will go And a-taxing we will go. More taxes we must sure impose To raise the civil list; Also pay our ayes and noes, And make opposers hist, and A-taxing we will go, &c. The power supreme of Parliament Our purpose did assist. And taxing laws abroad were sent Which rebels do resist, and A -taxing we will go, &c. Boston we shall in ashes lay, It is a nest of knaves; We’ll make them soon for mercy pray Or send them to their graves, and A-taxing we will go, &c. Each colony, we will propose, Shall raise an ample sum; Which well applied, under the rose, May bribe them—as at home, and A-taxing we will go &c, We’ll force and fraud in one unite, To bring them to […]