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Methadone List: Julia Brannan

jacobite-chronicles-methadonelistWhat with One Thing and Another—pandemics and TV shows and Assorted Stuff <cough> — I think it’s actually been years (well, one or two…) since I added anything to the Methadone List. Much too long. So I’m happy to resume, with a new author (new-ish to me, I mean) with a lot of books available, and more to come.

So please welcome JULIA BRANNAN to your library. Julia has written a six-book series (so far… I mean, Jacobites are addictive, ask anybody…) about the Jacobite wars and the social/political/spying/plotting/generally exciting milieu surrounding them.

Appealing characters, excellent writing and great research— what more could you ask for?


   1) Mask of Duplicity
   2) The Mask Revealed
   3) The Gathering Storm
   4) The Storm Breaks
   5) Pursuit of Princes
   5) Tides of Fortune

Happy Reading!

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