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The Methadone List

plague-promo-LMSo… you’ve re-watched the available seasons of "Outlander" the TV Series twenty or thirty times and your family is becoming restive about not being able to watch football or play videogames, and you’ve gone through all the Big Books (again) and all of the Lord John novels and all the novellas…

And thus find yourself facing the Universal Question:


jacobite-chronicles-methadonelistOddly enough, people ask me that pretty often. So, some years ago, I started The Methadone List. This is a brief descriptive list of books that I personally can recommend for quality. I’m a very eclectic reader, and thus the Methadone List has a wide variety of titles, everything from the easily recognizable genres to the frankly odd and indescribable.

Now, everyone’s tastes are different, and I don’t expect y’all to like all the same things I do— but you may find something there that appeals. I can guarantee that everything on the list is well-written, has Deeply Interesting Characters, Excellent Plots, and good grammar.

The first installment of the Methadone List was published in THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, the original 1999 first edition, but I’ve updated it at intervals on my blog— and will continue to add to it here, whenever I encounter (or remember) another excellent book or series.

Click on the author or title link to read more about each methadone list entry:

I thought that when recommending books, when possible, I might include a small bit of text so as to give a taste of an author’s style (NB: An author’s works are copyrighted, but quoting a short passage for review purposes is considered "fair use").



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