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April, 2024:

“A Battle’s Not A War”

2024-04-01-SpringCitrus-DG-cropMonday, April 2, 2024

A Happy and Blessed Easter (or other spring festival/contemplative occasion or feast involving eggs…) to you all!


[Excerpt from (Untitled) BOOK TEN, Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon]

They stopped for the night near a small creek, having passed the afternoon in silence, and made camp and ate, with no more than the occasional grunt of inquiry and acknowledgement while sharing out the last of the cheese, hard-cooked eggs, and soaking the last of the rock-hard journeycake in the last of the cider.

Finally, William cleared his throat, and Fraser looked at him, one bushy brow cocked.

“We’re following them, aren’t we?”

Read more of this new excerpt…

March, 2024:

The Vigil of Easter

2023-03-30-easter-AZ-DGSaturday, March 30, 2024

Tonight is the Vigil of Easter, a service where we hear readings from the Bible regarding God’s deliverance of His people (e.g., the flight from Egypt and the path through the Red Sea), the reading of the Passion (the description of Jesus’s condemnation and crucifixion), and the Resurrection. Catechumens (the people who wish to become Catholics and have been taking instruction) will be baptized, and others confirmed. It’s a time of mingled sorrow, hope and joy—the coming of Easter.

For the moment, I thought I’d post the following snip from BEES (the chapter titled “Metanoia”), as it’s rather apropos. (Tomorrow, I’ll post a new excerpt as an Easter egg. <g>)

[Excerpt from GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, Copyright © 2021 Diana Gabaldon]

A stack of these broadsides had been left on the breakfast table; he’d caught a glimpse of one headline as Germain had gathered them up and tapped the pages tidily into order before putting them in his bag:

THE TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF HENRY HUGHES Who Suffered Death on the Twelfth of June, Anno Domini 1779 At the County Gaol, Horsemonger Lane, Southwark For violating EMMA COOK, A Girl Only 8 Years Old

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“Ticks and Things”

Friday, March 29, 2024

32023-04-ticksA VERY HAPPY EASTER, RAMADAN MUBARAK, and CHAG KASHER VE SAMEACH! I hope everyone (of whatever belief) has had a wonderful time this weekend/season with family, friends and rejoicing in the spirit of life.

I was of two minds about posting this particular excerpt—it is a slight spoiler—but it seemed particularly appropriate for Easter.

[Excerpt from UNTITLED BOOK TEN, Copyright © 2023 Diana Gabaldon]

In which Jamie and William are crossing a patch of wild land. I’m not telling you where they’re going or why. <g> (NB: Things in square brackets are places where something—like a particular bit of Gaelic—will be filled in later.) And “crined” is not a typo; it’s a Scots word, meaning “shrunken” or “crumpled”.

Jamie felt the crawling and slapped a hand hard over his ribs. The slap numbed his flesh for a moment, but the instant it passed, he felt the tickle again—and in several places at once, including his—

“[Gaelic curse]! Earbsa!

Read more of “Ticks and Things,” an excerpt from Book Ten.

(Note that “Ticks and Things” was originally posted on my Facebook page in April, 2023.)

Season 7, Part 2 Coming in November…

season-8-starz-image-4Friday, March 22, 2024

Excitement! Season 7, Part 2 will be released in November of this year! (No, they haven’t announced a specific date (are we surprised?), just November—but this is Definitely Progress!

New Updated Outlander Timeline!

Outlander-cover-original-dustjacketFriday, March 15, 2024

And here’s a shiny new toy… A brand-new Outlander Timeline! Sleek as a sportscar and Very Useful!

This is on my Official German Website, run by my wonderful German translator, Barbara Schnell, who not only wrote and (with her son-in-law, Alex) updated and redesigned everything, but provided both a German and an English version!


Note that the timeline is based on my novels. The Outlander TV series is an adaptation of my novels and may sometimes have different dates if required for continuity.

Celtic Highland Tea on April 6!

2003-Diana-NACHS-teaMarch 8, 2024

Upcoming event on Saturday, April 6, 2024 – Celtic Highland Tea!

I’ve been doing a Celtic Highland Tea event in Flagstaff, Arizona, (put on by the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society (NACHS, for short—I keep telling them they should change it from “Society” to “Organization”” so they can be NACHOS, but so far, no luck…) in the springtime for at least the last twenty years.

Even during the pandemic years, we managed to do a virtual version (and that option has now been included as a regular thing).

To buy a ticket to the in-person tea on Saturday, April 6, 2024, or the live virtual version online, see my official Appearances webpage for more information:


Celebrating March 6, 1988 – Two Excerpts

Diana-Outlander-cover-with-quoteWednesday, March 6, 2024

On March 6th, 1988, I began writing a novel. For practice. I didn’t intend to show it to anybody, and had no idea what it might turn out to be about. I just wanted to learn how to write a book.

And I did. <g>

So, click to read TWO brief excerpts from the tenth offspring of that line, to mark the 36th <cough> anniversary of the beginning of OUTLANDER.

Hallelujah, Outlander

Leblanc-Hallelujah-OutlanderTuesday, March 5, 2024

And with equal energy, but a different voltage—one of my favorites of Julia LeBlanc’s wonderful Outlander music videos:


Note: LeBlanc’s Youtube video will open in a new browser window.

Favorite Work Song Of The Week

gloryhammer-youtube-videoSaturday, March 2, 2024

Favorite work song this week….


GLORYHAMMER – Hootsforce (Official video) – Napalm Records

Note: The “Gloryhammer” Youtube video will open in a new browser window.

February, 2024

New Cast Members – Blood of My Blood

2024-02-28-Outlander-Blood-of-my-BloodWednesday, February 28, 2024

Behold…┬áthe newest cast members for Blood of My Blood: Murtagh, Dougal, Colum and the young Ned Gowan. (All of whom are REALLY good—I’ve seen them work and it’s going more than well….)


Note: The Variety article will open in a new browser window.

“Blood of My Blood” is the new prequel tv series announced by Sony/Starz which tells the story of Jamie’s parents.

I am writing a prequel novel about Brian and Ellen Fraser, too.

The Hebridean Baker’s Cookbook

Diana-Hebridean-bakerFebruary 28, 2024

Had a great time last week, doing a book event with/for Coinneach MacLeod, the Hebridean Baker. <g> (He pronounces his name (more or less) as “Canyahkh”, and his cookies (which were provided for sale at the event and sold out hundreds of boxes within an hour—I nabbed one box of Whisky Shortbreads, which were divine….) are great, so I’m sure everything else he makes is also wonderful.

He’s a Gaelic speaker and has won prizes at national “Mods” (a “Mod” is a Gaelic music competition). Funny, charming, and a great baker!

In case you want to try some of his recipes for yourself, the Poisoned Pen (who were putting on the event) still has copies of his most recent book (signed) for sale:


Note: The link to the Poisoned Pen’s online store will open in a new browser window.

“A Bird In The Hand”

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Well, we haven’t had an excerpt for a little while—so, as we’ve been talking about the Prequel book of late…

[Excerpt from Untitled Outlander Prequel, Copyright © 2024 Diana Gabaldon]

Brian Fraser and Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser are hiding out on one of the battlements of Castle Leoch, where they’ve sneaked in to take part in the funeral festivities for the recently deceased Chief, Red Jacob MacKenzie. Brian would be worse than unwelcome, if anyone recognizes him as the Old Fox’s son, illegitimate or not, and the two young men are keeping out of the way while they figure things out. There are several doves sitting in the sun on the wall near them, and Brian very slowly inches close to them. He’s just inveigled one into sitting on his hand (he’s done this trick before), when a tall young woman comes striding out of a doorway at the end of the battlement near them, but comes to an abrupt stop when she sees what’s up.

dove-bird-in-the-handBrian saw her from the corner of his eye—a braw lass, tall—very tall—square-shouldered and looking well able to mind herself should things come to blows. From the corner of one eye, he caught sight of fluttering red hair, loosened for mourning, he supposed. She’d stopped when she saw them, but now came toward them, stepping slow and careful.

He could feel the dove’s heart, beating in his palm, soft and rapid. His own blood pulsed in his ears, not much slower. The young woman came to a halt, three paces from him; he didn’t look at her, but heard the rustle of her petticoats and felt his heart speed up to match the dove’s.

Read more of this excerpt from my Prequel novel.

Many thanks to Paul Fenwick and the Macauley Library for the use of their copyright image of a collared dove.

Blood of My Blood TV Show

outlander-blood-of-my-bloodWednesday, February 7, 2024

Well, I’m happy to see that people are excited about the new Prequel [tv] show (aka “Blood of my Blood”), though I gather a number of people feel uneasy about the inclusion of a storyline about Claire’s parents, not written by me.

So, this is how I see it:

In essence, the Prequel show is a collaboration, rather than a straight adaptation.

I truly don’t have either time or interest in writing about Claire’s parents (there’s a reason why they die early in the books), but fans have been (…looking for a better term than “yammering”, which seems impolite…), um, politely but urgently requesting more story about Claire’s parents.

I’m not going to write it, and Matt wants to. So—given the rather odd admixture of this show already, I thought why not? Matt’s a good writer and he plainly loves these characters—and whatever he writes for the show is not likely to affect anything in the book (not saying I might not borrow a good line, if I hear one…<g>…with permission, of course…), so I see no real problem to his doing that storyline. (Not to say that it might not become more complex, later, but we’ll be discussing things throughout the production and melding ideas as we go.)

Blood of My Blood Prequel TV Series

Monday, February 5, 2024


The Outlander Prequel, “Blood of My Blood” (aka “BOB” for short…) is underway!

Filming began on January 22nd (and I’m liking everything I’m seeing!), with Episode 101, and here is a quick look at four main characters:


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