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    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Novellas and Short Stories

All Short Fiction Written By Diana Gabaldon

Besides my major novels in the OUTLANDER and Lord John Grey series, I have written multiple novellas and short stories, also called ‘short fiction,’ although some of my novellas have as many words as some paperback novels written by others. <g>

Since these works have appeared over time in a number of anthologies or as standalone publications, my Webmistress has compiled a list of all of the U.S. editions of my Outlander and Lord John Grey short fiction, plus other works. The list includes my stories that have appeared in:

  • Anthologies of fiction by numerous authors which include a novella or short story that I have written. Usually these books have a common theme, and the editor invites published authors to contribute. Some are related to my Outlander and Lord John series, while some are not.
  • Single-author ollections of novellas and stories by me related to my Outlander series of novels and/or my Lord John Grey series.
  • Standalone special editions of a single novellas or short stories I have written

Interested? Then please click here to view all of my short fiction by title.

Some multi-author anthologies are no longer in print, so you would need to search for a used copy at your local independent bookstore or online.

The Poisoned Pen bookstore carries signed, new copies of my books that are still in print, and they ship anywhere in the world. There is no charge for my signature; you pay only the list price of the book plus shipping.

Short Fiction Listed By Anthology

A list of all my short fiction, listed by the title of the anthology it appeared in, whether a multi-author work or a collection of only my stories, will be published here soon. Please bookmark and return.

Chronology of My Novels And Short Fiction

To see how the shorter Outlander and Lord John stories are related and meshed in time with my novels, see my Chronology of the Outlander Series.

If you see a short story or novella missing from this list, please send an email to Diana’s Webmistress. Thanks!

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